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“H&H has a site at Tanjung Batu of 27 hectares within the Kariangau Industrial complex with direct access to Balikpapan Bay. PT. Balikpapan Environmental Services, a member of the H&H Group owns 13 hectares of adjoining land giving a total property parcel of 40 hectares.

A basic lay down area has been completed and we have constructed a steel sheetpile seawall. Water depth alongside the seawall allows for moorage of jack ups and semi-submersible drilling rigs for overhaul. We can also berth general supply vessels and barges.

The site is eminently suitable for development as an Offshore Supply Base to meet the requirements of the oil companies operating in the area. As a first step H&H is in the process of completing plans to build a jetty and slipway on the property.

By mid Year 2010 the facility will be linked to Balikpapan via a new road and bridge which will enable fast delivery of goods to and from our worksite.”